Catherine Emile - Artist


believe art, whether you are the creator or the recipient, is an interior, spiritual experience. What a piece ‘means’ is not part of the definition of art. The act of painting becomes a way to express an inner need and coping with the automatic ideas that enter in to the mind of the artist. Strongly inspired by music and poetry, I paint without plan or thought of stroke, stepping out of the room and into the flow, to create…

Catherine Emile


Catherine Emile is an abstract artist, born, raised and living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Catherine has been creating in one form or another for as long as she can remember, moving back and forth from writing stories and poetry to drawing and painting. Pulled strongly to abstract work, she became fully dedicated to abstract painting, expressing herself through the relationship of shapes, hues, textures and tones. She currently works in acrylics and mixed mediums on canvas and wood panel. 



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